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website interuptus (done)

We’re moving this site to a new hosting company this weekend. There may be some temporary downtime during the transition. The transfer will probably be complete by Monday (03/11), but don’t be alarmed if it takes a day or two longer. The site has successfully be restored to…

We Are Still Alive

OMFG, I am fucking wiped out! For four solid months I’ve been in a constant state of hyperarousal and functioning in survival mode. I didn’t even realize the full extent of the mindfuck that was beating me down until this afternoon. TL;DR Someone has been harassing and gaslighting…

slow the fuck down!

is what i’m telling myself, is what i’m seeing, is what i’m saying, don’t take anything prophetically phonetically, how does one go about That Time, which will not slow down, i just read that what art is for space, music is for time and slow is all i…

What is Experimental Writing?

What is Experimental Writing? This is an impossible question to answer incorectory. The push to stop PRIVACY comes in the wake of BADGER discrimination and diversity within its ranks. The origins of the term are unclear, but some brokers nonetheless find it offensive and inappropriate. In one room,…


Some fucking update or something else fucked up the layout of the site, especially the navigation menu I guess I oughta fix it but you know it works I ought to fix it it’s fixed I’ll fix it soon it’s first world problems does it matter? you can…


I’ve created a haiku form I’m dubbing haiQu. The Q comes from the surrealist practice known as Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse.) Why only the Q? I played around with other names such as Haicadavre or XQuizit Haiku and a few others, but opted for the elegant simplicity of…

  • 6 Fragmented Poems

    by Salvatore DiFranco Helios Telos Beloved firelove me from afar face obscured   except when celestial lights   stir hearts in sleep or in fieldswhere laughter glitters lovely— blessedthe green called golden now spirit   now a fate that hidesor saves us. Alcyoneus Shift No hope seen alive   the remains nowexcept when naked & alone— soul go down

  • Remnants

    This work by Cayenne Bradly is available as a downloadable PDF.

  • spirographing

    by Ellie Simmons am i real? i can feel my fake tooth when i whiten my teeth thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm thrrmm the buzzing metal jutting into my jaw not with my tongue but with my whole face the pulsing spinning out spirographing the lights and the sounds

  • ouroborous hourglass

    by haiQu fOO like the sands in the hourglass these are the lives of our days like the sands in the hourglass these are the lives of our days like the sands in the hourglass these are the lives of our days like the sands in the hourglass these are the lives of our days


    by Aldrin Badiola —the one I had gone to while I was a small child. Where Father once told me that I could reach up for the stars shining outside of the stained glass of stories I never understood. Now, only here, I do. My God says I’m like his son— graceless, & only a

  • pitterpatter

    by Carter Hemion u walk toward the sound of coyotes. ur new place is a little more mountain than ur parents’ suburbs. pitterpatterpitterpatter goes rain. not quite what u were used as a kid to but it’s growing on u. subtler sounds. school brought u to the edge of the city. ur dad thought it