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Ad Equilibrium 1

by Heikki Huotari

As one reconstructs a 3D object from 2D cross sections, so 4D from 3. What’s a position if not on a sliding scale? A birthday cake not acted on by any other birthday cake remains at rest or travels in a straight line at a constant speed. If Sleeping Beauty will agree to this then so will Cinderella, if there are more counselors than counselees. In case

of tunnel vision or of unmet expectations break some glass. Not much depends on pink wheelbarrows besides purple chickens because they’re derivative and swing and miss. To settle comfortably if necessary you could change the channel. Does the skin you’re in best represent you? Is your donkey costume still the riot that you are inside? If you shout out a number is it funny? If the brain

is origami-folded then unfolded it’s a pillow case or lunar sail. If slightly better than expected it’s a miracle, if slightly worse it’s a betrayal. Ergo, be prepared to be talked down to, spin as you would have the lilies spin then call yourself an equilibrium. I swear I did not bake that cake. If there are more astronomers than exoplanets then one exoplanet is discovered more than once. The altitude

is as appropriate as are Neruda’s locomotive’s options. One is fundamental; one is functional. The constitution doesn’t mention tiktok. A partition is induced by an equivalence relation. Let me tell you, sweetheart, about my position and my rate of change. Replace each of pressure, temperature and volume by one of the brothers Marx and know ye that the brothers Marx engage in ritual behaviors. Let me tell you, sweetheart, about my position and my rate of change.

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