Author name: bovarysme

Concentric Transmissions From The Satellite Sun

by Ratón Moreno On the corner, a house. Dead and black all over—crooked wood, like teeth; wheezing breaths of dying light—laying stagnant amongst rows of healthy houses on a street in Orange, or maybe Los Angeles, or maybe New York. Look: in the bottom left corner the wood was clean—somebody was just there a half-second ago. Look: in the top right window you see a silhouette of a man inserting a flaming …

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abstract and glitched out image that looks like it was a self portrait before someone sliced it up into multiple horizontal sections. the words, "smear, goddess, thousand, moan, death, we, rose, repulsive," are superimposed in various locations. some of the words are upside down


by Theodoros Chiotis

And the Refuse

by Erwin Dink Eating monkey meat starts with talk. How to cook and eat a monkey. There is nothing before this. How to cook and eat a monkey. Have you been frightened? When? Why? This is what I’m saying. Talking to whoever is here, both of them. Three of you. All of us. Are you frightened of a pig, an insect, an answer? The beating heart of a just cut eel. The …

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99942 Apophis

by Erwin Dink the allegiance of flag to the deathI, 99942 Apophis, pledge to the heatof Typhaon, serpent ruler ORfor which it holds a nation tosalute under mythology the sunwith bones and uniform for all. crocodile should be called by the sunfacing the OR with the united men,over the demon when not in angerman should be any non-religious animalswith their inscriptions uniformand called it at the Greeks arrows. the slayer being over …

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