Dirty Poetry

Have you seen the post, “Somebody Has to Pay for Easter…“? The weird text in that piece, reproduced here: g/i« : L : 2t . = G = Z H i A ;i P e o x‘ i o . = = – AET 2 b 35 – . o S Y Z Z \ S 3 “A e e G e T TaE i & b T ‘ 2 Gl 0 …

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I’ve created a haiku form I’m dubbing haiQu. The Q comes from the surrealist practice known as Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse.) Why only the Q? I played around with other names such as Haicadavre or XQuizit Haiku and a few others, but opted for the elegant simplicity of haiQu, in a nod to the elegant simplicity of, well, haiku. dyspraxia brainthe nipple of what’s easysweet monkey jesus Long before surrealists created the …

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