trans-appreciation friday

If you think about it, and you should, Trans people are the vanguard of cultural r/evolution, and should be reocgnized and revered for it. They are literally showing us how to be more fully ourselves, and human.


Some fucking update or something else fucked up the layout of the site, especially the navigation menu I guess I oughta fix it but you know it works I ought to fix it it’s fixed I’ll fix it soon it’s first world problems does it matter? you can …

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Change is Afoot

We’re getting more submissions than anticipated so, effective immediately, we will now be featuring two works at a time on the home page, instead of one.

send more cops!

Please let us know through our contact form if you know of any experimental journals, blogs, or resources that we can include in our blogroll.

Dirty Poetry

Have you seen the post, “Somebody Has to Pay for Easter…“? The weird text in that piece, reproduced here: g/i« : L : 2t . = G = Z H i A ;i P e o x‘ i o . = = – AET 2 b 35 – …

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I’ve created a haiku form I’m dubbing haiQu. The Q comes from the surrealist practice known as Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse.) Why only the Q? I played around with other names such as Haicadavre or XQuizit Haiku and a few others, but opted for the elegant simplicity of …

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