Noble Dreams

by nOble Trigger Warnings: Attempted manipulation of reader. Do not read if you are friends or family of the author. Within the church’s nave a modest line had formed leading up to the confession box. At the front of the line as one penitent exited, I stepped forward …

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The Sun Singer

by Mike Sherer “Soft sound caresses the valley/rabbits quiver and run/the virgin trees are awakened/as the Sun Singer sings to the sun.” I whisper these lyrics to myself. Sitting on my back deck on a brilliant spring day, I bask in the sun I am singing about. I …

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by Carson Wolfe A young woman found dead in her homeleaves a note to her pathologist. The amethyst egg tucked inside my pussyis essential for strengtheningboundaries. You are probably thinking, this dead girlneeded a restraining order,not boundaries. Fold open my eyelids, stainedwith a white shield of energyI imagined …

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Bazooka Bounce

by Patrick Sweeney So, another Lisbon dusk; another hillside mirador. It was Holy Saturday cued by a sign for an Easter egg hunt that seemed to have been postponed for a fat storm cell that ended up swinging wide. The sign was in Portuguese but heavily illustrated. When …

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Hi, hot wife

by Ron Riekki Hi, hot wife. I sit and watch a smoker smoke in the smoke.This city is on fire, but in slow motion, so nobody is worried.We are in a prison called home.And school.The social work program brings me in and threatens that if I speak about …

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Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road XII

by Morley Cacoethes A thousand stones crawling into the viewfall from behind that cascaded mile.Up the cave and down into the nameof the roof of rear view that cascadesa hundred feet from behind that azure poolone gets the waterfall and gives it water.

disadvantage cycle

by Joshua Martin one case frown:ennui tossed handlebar fruit basket consider the commodification ofEVERYTHING [!] , netherworldsspin shakenperching glow , attitude to bag ofchips :‘DROP DEAD!’ frying another tire yummy yummy yummy tubes collapse instinctuallyforming calypso shatteringwide-eyed skyline frostbite weary bootslick stamina ¡reality cannot defend itself! enigmatic sphincter, …

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