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Hanging Nail Practice Composition

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  • 1 min read

by Joshua Martin

Bushwhack pack billiard Boil
re coil deep sea pathogen
wired pyramid refunded Matter
something Grand a Sidewalk Makes
then milks of betting mercenary
behavior as a machine of mind
control librarian scissor monologue

play right Sandbox Climatic
each frigid Harmonica roars
clockwork Spud dude Ranch
eased priced showered gelatin

Mars Sending Poster Board taxes
spanking roof of Mouth foothill
dispersed depressed diseased fort
Sweet Magazine manger theme
sorrow diagnosed monkey Pawn
ill spill shrill sundry defunct

versified detail
asleep in scanned pillbox
reaching gaseous square
hobble dentist logic
juxtapose a typical minnow
decorated escapade
momentous switch
dampened conference hall
muscle molecule liberty
revenue milkshake shade
regard regard regard

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