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by Erwin Dink

content warning: alcohol is a virus

that day on the beach – deja vu – the explanation is the experience manifest – the explanation is a lie – everything is a lie – anything that’s ever happened – to anyone – at any point in history or time – I can feel it all

fuck fate
noli me tangere – touch me not
exploding pods scatter the seeds
when touched
trying to figure out what note
is ringing in my head
should i stick a tuning fork
in my ear?

fawn or flea
hot pajamas

“they said the ant man came and took him away, that aint no ant, not with a head like that”

“don’t matter what they call him, he comin with a caterpillow, he always watchin'”

“that big like an elephant, that funny elephant head, ant man cook him”

“runny head like that they said aint that, naw”

“naw, they said that”

“naw, neither”

sound of a train

derangement is the key
to our salvation

Pan-ic Terror
a sudden fright with no cause
some old guy singing about death
shuts me inside the familiar
fingers squeaking on steel
a hallelujah for forgotten children

nanny goat beard on his chin
finger pulled and twisted
side-eyed sighing song
a white lie’t to ease the pain
of beginning at last

under the Pangaean Sea
Pangyrenic pangoli
song for the prized goat
a tragical chorus
pan-hoofed satyrical
stage frightened facing
the proscenium archery
prisoner pacing perimeter
climbing the black wings
ascending frenzied fresnel
spit lit babbling
to himself his audience
of wonder

skeleton boy on the side of the road
carrying curses in his pocket of letters

shadows of dancers
satanic panic
my goat song began
in a field of bourbon-aged dreaming
abandoned blackened
sheltered in a storm of
following my shadow forward
falling toward
facing forward
future falling behind me
the young boy trapped
in the old man’s body
desparately dying to get out
of remembering the fall
remembering the fall
the original fall
facing the dirt packed snow
angel faced down into

a corral of goats
goat tribe goat trip
goat girl is a doe
mother is a nanny
a baby is a kid
born stanbding up
born running

buck or billy
all-fertile Pan
king and father of the universe
the demi urge to run
forever dwelling in solitary
in a cave
cave exterior and superficial
parts are pleasant
the interior is obscure
hidden dark

facing front the proscenium
arch is pleasant
the view from behind i’sinister
so it is with goat
with a life
Pan is Jove
By Jove is the World!

the horned serpent
the horned two


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