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Reminder Ignored – Take Your Medicine

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  • 2 min read

by Joana Figueiredo

Exactly how I like it to happen, my hallucinations are breeding themselves like frenetic nymphomaniac bunnies, and multiplying, gaining a thousand tiny extra legs to run faster to the netherlands, excuse me, I meant to say neverland, where they will never grow old, chasing around Peter.

In the never-ending doppelganger night we met, it was us, hosting the energetic love fests, but dawn mutate to dusk, slowly transforming, altering paces, changing gears, just like that, ending all of my seasons. We cultivated an arid field of frigid bodies, orgies long forgotten, some light casualties of time, some long manuscripted dialogues, a water cup by the nightstand, in the name of sanity, pills like bullets detonating in my stomach, acid mushroom cloud eclipsing the blue shield protecting my throat.

Tonight, the warlock ants are walking walking walking on their tallest tiptoes, chasing the lights, I guess the lighthouse pointed out their ships to my dance floor, zig zag toes, cha cha sliding in my skin, slow dancing to the tamborin, young and sweet, only seventeen, an intestine being slapped on the head, to the beat ongoing.

Their captain is crying to the mermaid man rotting in the rectangular corner, how the evil queen is evil, steals all of their bread and beds all of their winnings, breaking apart the seas in their women, red salt dripping down the walls of my cave, it is true, I am made of tyrannical desires, my hands scorpio sharp tails, dissecting everyone, even you, but I have been a good girl lately, repressed, on my high horse, galloping circles in the prison tower.

Enemies lines doing Roman square formations, looking bigger than they are, what a beautiful forever current theme with you men, dancing until your feet melt, like fools you are glued to the candle wax floor, mosquitoes ready to be collected by the circus owner.

There are spiders on my webs. Please goddess, call the fire back to the palms of my lover’s hands. Please Johnny, I don’t want the disciple that sleeps clothed on the top of my bed, I want the poisonous mouth breather man I once loved, burning them extinct, long fingers with scales, my dragon whispering me love songs via fireballs.

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