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the release you feel

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by Erwin Dink

watch what you want to be. watch to know your enemy. watch to escape. watch to suckle. how many people fit in your garden? is too many too much? it’s lonely on the inside, lonely on the outside, and illuminated within. the fascism of nature. the assault of fresh air. who decides? some scientist asshole says fate is a lie. he’s right of course, because everything is a lie, but is fate really a lie? wtf is fate anyway? is it even a thing? i think not for most. fate is a trope. a trope is a lie.

the music is accelerating now, building, growing, expanding, rising, tightening, tensing! there is no release. the release you feel is a lie. when you unplug from plugging in. to plug or not to plug, that is the lie!

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