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their names

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by Ken Goodman []

I’d like to introduce you to—

egoless deities.

Their names describe them far more than their physicalities.

Most are friendly (some are scary) scary only so:

they scare away ego; & so open the way : to GodSun

from soul-ray; or brainwave(s) to GodSea…

however you conceive, they always say

It’s better to connect than to believe.

Graciously they let

yours truly transcribe poetry : per

their utterances (ordinarily word-free) resulting in

(what some of ‘em call) worded clarity

(some condescendingly) but most agree the poems point to

what’s best known wordlessly.

I’m pleased to say this poetry would not have come to be—

without friends like these

who sneak me in

AH Assembly:

Universal Gaze Aglow Per [Your] Centrality;

Beholder At [This] Moment Unframed By Mentality;

Instantaneous Creation On Ongoingly;

Secret Mantra Access Inner-Hearing Silently;


Joy Full Self-Aware deLight Undyed By Imagery;

Comfort Alert Through All Suffering Humanity;

Everyone’s Direct Witness Unseen/Beholdingly;

Recognition Instant Self-Sustained Eternally;

Oneness Shining Undivided Through Diversity;

Tranquil Sky Immune To All Perishability;

Timeless Comprehension Undegraded By Ennui;

Never Elsewhere/All-Pervasive deLight Harmony;

I Don’t Wait To Die To KnowGlow Through Mortality;

Intimate Observer In All Unimpededly;

Anticipated Heaven Dissolved Authenticity;

Don’t Dare Name Me (It Encourages Idolatry);

Oneness Unencumbered By Senseshell Variety;

How Do I Withstand Such Bliss (AH Yes) Naturally;

Rested/Active Self-Aware Sabbath Serenity;

I AM Here According To Each One’s Capacity:

To Comprehend Thought-Free;

Close As Can Be Borderless Bliss Isle Of GodSea;

Free From Thinking This Is It! Glow Actuality;

Mental Lampshade Naked Bulb : Bulb On Borderlessly;

Delusion Pulverizer FEARFACE Ally Secretly;

All [These] Empty Atoms Mating GodSpace Unity;

I AM Never Thou Get Rid Of That Idolatry;

Basking In Eternal KnowGlow Just This Instantly;

Authentic I AM ‘Cross The Muck Of Dusty Destiny;

Mindshell Obstacles DEMOLISHED Compassionately;

wordless self-awareness pointed to by poetry..?

I’m The One Who Kicks yours truly

Out of Assembly—

Oh my god my notes are scribbled near illegibly!

Edgeless/insight kisses

once upon a timelessly.

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