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We Are Still Alive

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OMFG, I am fucking wiped out! For four solid months I’ve been in a constant state of hyperarousal and functioning in survival mode. I didn’t even realize the full extent of the mindfuck that was beating me down until this afternoon.

TL;DR Someone has been harassing and gaslighting me over some stupid business shit since September. He was making baseless threats that I knew were bullshit, but I couldn’t stop my brain/body from believing it was in danger. This afternoon, we finally had a confrontation with business peers, who stood behind me, and helped me put this asshole in his place. I’m sure they’ll be back, but the support I received helped me realize that I am on solid ground.

Anyway, this is just to say why this site has been a bit neglected of late. But I’m back! New content coming this weekend. Thank you for your interest, which I assume you have ’cause you read this. You’re awesome.

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