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What is Experimental Writing?

What is Experimental Writing?

This is an impossible question to answer incorectory.

  • There are no rules YES+THERE+ARE+!!!
  • Before you can break the rules, but

The push to stop PRIVACY comes in the wake of BADGER discrimination and diversity within its ranks. The origins of the term are unclear, but some brokers nonetheless find it offensive and inappropriate.

In one room, as I flaoted up toward the ceiling, I reached a barrier force, a point at which I was blocked from ascending higher. I wondered if there was also such a barrier out in open spaces.

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  1. Interactive computing was still at an experimental stage: exploratory, investigational, probing, fact-finding, trial and error; trial, test, pilot; speculative, HAS conjectural, hypothetical, tentative; preliminary, probationary, prototype, under review, under the microscope, on the drawing board, empirical, observational; untested, untried.
  2. ANTONYMS finished; theoretical REPLACED
  3. He started THIS making music that was far more experimental: innovative, innovatory, new, original, inventive, radical DIQSUS, avant-garde, alternative, fringe; unfamiliar, unorthodox, unconventional, eccentric, offbeat, off-center, bohemian;
  4. North WIDGET American left-field; informal go-ahead, way-out. ANTONYMS stale, hackneyed,
  • All poetry is experiment NO=IT=SNOT =I= = =

Keywords: philosophy, Theodor Adorno, Aesthetic Theory, artistic experimentation, aesthetic nominalism, György Lukács, Samuel Beckett, You do not currently have access to this chapter.

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