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who am i? I

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by Erwin Dink

Briar Lock Mr Labor Rick Mr Lobar Rick Mr Arbor Lick Mr Karmic Brr Lo Cloak Brr Rim Croak Brr Mil Rack Broil Mr Rack Brr Limo Rack Brr Moil Carom Brr Ilk Macro Brr Ilk Cram Brr Kilo Orca Brr Milk Mail Brr Rock Mail Brr Cork Mali Brr Rock Mali Brr Cork Rial Brr Mock Liar Brr Mock Lira Brr Mock Lair Brr Mock Rail Brr Mock Amir Brr Lock Lark Rib Corm Mark Brr Loci Mark Brr Coil Loam Brr Rick Marl Brick Or Marl Rib Rock Marl Rib Cork Marl Orb Rick Marl Rob Rick Marl Bro Rick Oral Brick Mr Roam Brr Lick A Brr Lock Rim A Brr Rock Mil A Brr Cork Mil A Brr Corm Ilk Crab Ilk Mr Or Crab Irk Lo Mr Alb Rick Mr Or Lab Rick Mr Or Bar Lick Mr Or Bar Rick Lo Mr Bra Lick Mr Or Bra Rick Lo Mr Lack Rib Mr Or Lack Brr Mi Or Calk Rib Mr Or Calk Brr Mi Or Cloak Brr I Mr Rack Lib Mr Or Rack Rib Lo Mr Rack Brr Mi Lo Lac Orb Irk Mr Lac Rob Irk Mr Lac Bro Irk Mr Lac Brr Irk Om Cam Brr Ilk Or Cam Brr Irk Lo Mac Brr Ilk Or Mac Brr Irk Lo Arc Bilk Mr Or Arc Lob Irk Mr Arc Orb Ilk Mr Arc Rob Ilk Mr Arc Bro Ilk Mr Arc Brr Ilk Om Car Bilk Mr Or Car Lob Irk Mr Car Orb Ilk Mr Car Rob Ilk Mr Car Bro Ilk Mr Car Brr Ilk Om Ark Crib Lo Mr La Brick Mr Or La Rib Rock Mr La Rib Cork Mr La Orb Rick Mr La Rob Rick Mr La Bro Rick Mr La Brr Rick Om La Brr Rock Mi La Brr Cork Mi Lam Brr Rock I Lam Brr Cork I Am Brr Lick Or Am Brr Rick Lo Ma Brr Lick Or Ma Brr Rick Lo Ram Brr Lock I Mar Brr Lock I Arm Brr Lock I A Brr Lock I Mr

who am i?

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